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Hunterdon County Clean Outs
20 Jul
July 20, 2020
Hunterdon County Disposal Company

There are many memorable moments in life, and moving to a new home is definitely one of them. You may be surprised just how much stuff you have when you go to pack it all up. Especially if you are moving from one home to another, or you are downsizing. It is truly amazing just what you might hang onto. Moving is the perfect opportunity to finally declutter and get rid of some stuff. So, seize the day and let some broken stuff go. While it may not be easy, with some organization, you can do it. Then, once you have set aside what is absolutely junk, simply call a residential and commercial garbage pick up company. Schedule a date for collection, and all your troubles will be gone, or at least, all that troubling junk. For residents in Hunterdon County, clean outs are as simple as making one phone call.

Hunterdon County Clean Outs

Hunterdon County Clean Outs | How to Organize

When you move, organization is key for a smooth process. Go room by room, starting with rooms you do not use every day. Leave the kitchen and at least one bathroom till last. In each room, make three piles. One pile is to pack, one to donate, and one which is just junk, to clean out and discard. Be prepared before you start with lots of boxes, markers and large trash bags. Make a master list, and color code each room as you pack. Keep a tally on your master list of just how many boxes are for each room to help stay organized.

Hunterdon County Clean Outs | Tips for Packing

You really cannot organize too much when you are planning a move. When you get things ready for loading, think of the layout of your new home. Remember, last box on the truck is the first one off, so load up accordingly. Make sure things you will need immediately go last. When you are packing electronics, take a photo with your phone of components and wires. This will help you set up again later. Keep remotes and cables with electronics or place them in clearly labeled plastic baggies. Tape screws on to the back of bed headboards and other pieces of furniture to have to dissemble.

Hunterdon County Clean Outs | Let Go of the Junk

Moving can be an emotional time, and you may have an emotional reaction to items as you pack. But now is the time to be brutally honest with yourself. If you haven’t worn something in years, and probably never will again, it might be time to let it go. While you are being honest about what to donate, also be honest about what to throw out. There are some things that are just not worth holding onto, or donating, because they are simply broken or worn-out. Now is the best time for clean outs of all the junk, so you can enjoy your new home clutter-free.

When you are packing, a little planning and organization now can help you later. Don’t go crazy wondering what’s in boxes or where they should go. Color coding boxes can really help you to organize your things. Clearly mark boxes for each room with a different color, and keep a list of how many boxes you’re packing. Be honest about what you need, and what you don’t so you’re not paying to move junk. Start your next chapter streamlined and organized so you can stay neat and tidy. Once you have packed up every room, and collected the junk together, call a trash collection company. By calling the right trash removal company in Hunterdon County, clean outs when you move are easier to manage.

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